Walawwa Gallery opens its doors with artist / sculptor Manoranjana Herath




Sri Lanka’s newest art destination, The Walawwa – Gallery’, housed amid salubrious surroundings in a historic old walawwa (mansion) at No 630, Kotte Road in Sri Jaywardenepura Kotte opens its spaces to play host to the work of celebrated artist and sculptor Dr. Manoranjana Herath.

Manoranjana Herath Sculpture 03Open to the public from 9.30am to 6.30pm from Monday 05th June to Sunday 18th June 2017, this exhibition features ten sculptures and fifteen drawings based on a profound theme titled ‘(in)visible Dialogues.’

This masterful collection depicts his creative genius and artistic perspective to a world preoccupied with dialogues.

Using the mediums of both water colours and oil paints, Herath has purposefully sketched and sculptured the images which signify an intense message to the world.

The meaningful description given below by the artist portrays the intensity of his muse and the wondrous element of his works.

Manoranjana Herath Sculpture 05We,



Moment by moment,

Day by day,

Walk through time,

Manoranjana Herath Painting 03With a bundle of dreams.

In that endless journey of life,

Our eyes are open countlessly for HOPES.

Sometimes uncountable pleasure,

Sometimes unbearable pain,

With loneliness,

                                                   We do spend time in the journey of life.

Manoranjana Herath Painting 02Elaborating on his work, Dr. Herath said, “This concise poem reflects the point I am trying to make through my work, which is the portrayal of these inner visible and (in)visible dialogues of a human being through three-dimensional forms”.

Manoranjana Herath Sculpture 06He continues to broaden the scope of his expertise in the genre of sculpture and art through extensive studies on the subject he is passionate about.

His works have previously been showcased at exhibitions in Katmandu, UK, Bangladesh and New Delhi apart from numerous exhibitions in all parts of Sri Lanka.

Manoranjana Herath Painting 01Dr. Herath has a Ph.D from the University of Kelaniya and has specialised in sculpture at the College of Art, University of Delhi, India and the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

He is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Sculpture, University of Visual and Performing Arts Colombo. Sri Lanka.

He was also a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya for a brief period.

Manoranjana Herath Sculpture 02The Walawwa is indeed a sanctuary of calm and quiet and offers its clientele interesting options to choose from. There’s the cosy ‘Walawwa – Café’ where one can indulge in a range of salads and sandwiches washed down with fresh juices and coffees. Ideal for chilling and relaxation, it is a popular venue for meetings and catching-up-with-friends.

Then there’s also the ‘Walawwa – Cutting Station’, synonymous with celebrated hair dresser Johann Peries. This is a fully-fledged salon and spa offering a wide range of services for both men and women with trained and experienced staff in attendance.

PHOTO - The Walauwwa