Sri Lanka’s Queen of Curries Felicia Sorensen creates culinary magic at ‘Enjoy Paradise on a Plate’ until 04 March at the Curry Leaf, Hilton Colombo


Better known as “Darling”, Felicia Sorensen, the Queen of Curries together  with Chef Amila, Sabah and team of the Curry Leaf, Hilton Colombo’s Sri Lankan and Seafood restaurant,  will prepare a celebration of  curries, spectacular  seafood, and designer hoppers, rotti, and a range of freshly prepared  Sri Lankan sweetmeats.

Print“Enjoy Paradise on a  Plate, in our breathtaking  covered  garden setting with our guest chef ‘Darling’, from the 23rd of February until the 4th of March during dinner”, said Gigi De Silva, Marketing Communications Manager.

PrintThe Curry Leaf serves native cuisine from the North, South, East and West of Lanka.

Ocean fresh seafood made to order with a la minute preparations of kottu, rottis and crispy hoppers and even sweetmeats like Konda Kavum, Kokis and the like.


PrintOne could also savour a variety of fresh yams with condiments in addition to the local feast on offer, and local musicians serenading at this restaurant that operates nightly from 7pm to midnight. For reservations please contact the F&B Reservations Desk on 2492492 and log into  for details of the F&B promotions.