Resus Energy adds 3.1 MW to national grid with two new projects costing Rs. 680 Mn


Established in 2003, Resus Energy PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s biggest players in the renewable energy industry has taken giant leaps with its investments and development of many projects across the island.

IMAGE 01 - Huluganga projectWhile actively supporting the national effort to develop renewable energy resources in Sri Lanka, Resus Energy PLC recently invested approximately Rs. 680 Mn in two new mini hydro power projects in Huluganga, and also in Maliboda in Deraniyagala.

As with all Resus renewable energy projects, these two projects have been structured with focus to generating renewable and sustainable energy combining the latest technology and an environmentally responsible business proposition.

IMAGE 03 - Ranwala ProjectThe Upper Huluganga Project that was commissioned in July this year at a cost of Rs. coque samsung 400 Mn is estimated to generate 1.9 MW in contribution to the national grid.

In keeping with the company’s ethos to always give back and empower its community and its people, Resus Energy PLC undertakes various initiatives to improve the infrastructure and the quality of life within the areas it operates.

The Upper Huluganga Hydro Project saw the renovation and expansion of a community playground in the Huluganga, Gamudawa, construction of a Praja Shalawa (community centre), renovation of buildings of the Huluganga Kosgama Maha Vidyalaya, renovation and development of the main road between Huluganga and Alakole village, and renovation of the Huluganga-Kaludalla road bridge.

IMAGE 04 - Ranwala ProjectResus Energy PLC also co-ordinated the registration of students of Huluganga village school with the Arupola Technical College for skills development and technical training programmes.

Realising the absence of a Pre-School in the area, Resus invited the Hemas-Piyawara programme to build a Pre-School and a playground for the children of Huluganga, Moragaha Oya, Gomare and Bambarella villages.

The Ranwala Oya Project was built at a cost of Rs. coque iphone 280 Mn and is located in the Uda Maliboda, Deraniyagala area. coque samsung The project is estimated to generate 1.2 MW in contribution to the national grid. Commissioned on 29th November 2018, the project is powered by the Ranwala Oya also known as the Kadiran Oya which is a tributary of the Seethawaka river. coque huawei Along with this project, Resus Energy PLC also assisted in the renovation of the Maliboda Kovil and the Perupalla Temple.

Managing Director Resus Energy PLC Kishan Nanayakkara
Managing Director Resus Energy PLC Kishan Nanayakkara

“We are pleased to have done these projects as a part of our aim to be consistent and successful in our efforts to develop renewable energy projects across the country. coque huawei We wish to emphasise on our unwavering focus on harnessing sustainable energy, but also, not at the expense of our environment and the communities we work with.