Park Street Mews Restaurant introduces New Menu with Fusion Flavors



The Park Street Mews Restaurant introduces a new menu infused with exciting fusion flavors while retaining the firm favourites as well. Set in the well-known Park Street Mews complex, and now in its 9th year of successful operation, the restaurant has been keeping up with new trends with the introduction of a delectable new menu.

222Chef Rohan and his team bring out the best of their culinary creations introducing 25 new dishes to the menu with the use of unique seasonings for savvy diners, with a slight twist to the regular favorites .

The Asian flavours actually work in tandem with each other, presenting a whole new set of flavour combinations that make sense. The fusion dishes also tempt one to include an exotic ingredient or even substitute more traditional ingredients with those from another culture.

“We appreciate our regular guests and the new ones too, who enjoy our food and we and hence happy to introduce this new menu crafted by Chef Rohan,” says Harpo Guneratne

Roasted Tomato and Red Capsicum Soup, Seafood Kaffir Lime Soup, Deep Fried Camembert with Apple Puree, Caramelised Walnuts and a hint of Thai Sweet Lime, Lemongrass Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewer with Shredded green Mango, Coriander, Sweet Lime and Roasted Peanut are some of the starters to be savoured.

The mains include Beef Tenderloin with sautéed Bell Peppers, Fresh Tomato, Jalapeño, Red Bean and Avocado Salsa, Aus Beef with a Balinese touch with Wok Fried Rice, Curd and Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Breast with Risotto infused with Asian flavours and accompanied with Roasted Pumpkin, Grilled Barramundi with Mushroom, Spinach and Spicy Asian Coconut Cream Sauce, Pink Tuna Steak with Thai Green Mango Salad and Roasted Nut and  Arugula, Seasonal Seafood Platter with Homemade Fries  and Peri Peri Sauce.

333Among the to-die-for desserts are Baked Cheese Cake with Lemongrass, Lime, Orange Compote and Ginger Crumble, Woodapple Cremeaux with Treacle Jelly and Sweet Tamarind Sauce among lots others.

The Breakfast Specials, Wraps, Sandwiches and Pastas and not forgetting the selection of homemade ice creams, offer the regular favourites with the menu from among a wide range for all to enjoy.

Dine in at Park Street Mews Restaurant and enjoy the new menu. Be it Breakfast, Lunch Tea Time or Dinner. For Reservations contact  Rizwan on 2300133.Log on to or check our FB page.