Local Herbs at the Hilton Colombo this January and February


#EatDrinkHilton is all about fresh produce, coque samsung seasonal offerings and local tastes as Hilton Colombo celebrates local herbs this January and February.

Special menus both food and beverage have been curated by the Executive Chef Robert and the mixologist at LAB.

These unique local herb infused dishes and drinks will be available at Café Kai, Graze Kitchen, coque samsung Curry Leaf and LAB (Lounge & Bar) till the end of February.

Try out the appetizers and salads at Graze Kitchen – Thebu Salad with Mint in young coconut shell with Coconut Chips and Lemongrass – Coriander Dressing.

There’s also Karapincha Cashew Maki Roll which consists of Prawn and Avocado centered Maki Roll coated with Tarragon, Karapincha and Cashew.

For mains there are the Herbed Chicken Skewers, coque huawei succulent Grilled Chicken Kebab with Mint, Gotukola, Thabouleh, coque samsung Curry Leaf Focaccia and Coconut Dip.

A ‘must try’ is the Char-Grilled Pork Cutlet on Basil Peach Barley Risotto and Tapioca Chips!

Top it all with a decadent dessert – Cardamom Kulfi with Oreo and Mint Sorbet.

Among the Curry Leaf specials are Coriander infused Lagoon Crab Curry with Cumin, Turmeric and Green Chili, coque iphone Coconut and Curry Leaf Crumbed Batter Fried Fish and Godamba Rotti served with Kochchi and Mint Paste are two exotic dishes to savour.

Café Kai is where you will find your sweet cravings and the out of the ordinary selection of cakes, coque samsung pralines and truffles await you these two months … Salted Caramel and Mint Gateau, coque iphone Aloe Vera and Thyme Surprise, Nutmeg Crunch with Tarragon Praline, Caramel and Lemongrass with Oregano Praline, Coriander Coconut Truffl­e and Mixed Herb Tru­ffle.

Enjoy the many concoctions that our mixologist has come up with,