LiCC Jeaneration launches WATER-PROOF Denim Jeans with nine other exciting variants



Firebrand jeans retailer Long Island Clothing Company (LiCC) today launched a trail blazing brand of water-proof jeans and thus takes the much favoured denim jeans to yet another level.

LICC 02 - WATER PROOF DENIM JEANSThe launch of the water-proof jeans titled LiCC Liberté invites you to be part of a grander scheme.

Wearing wet clothes is always a drag, but wearing wet jeans can be even more so due to the weight.

Chances are you might be caught in a sporadic thunderstorm which will eventually soak through your denim jeans.

This hampers your journey and your style but with LiCC’s new style revolutioLICC 04n, rain need not be a damper as your jeans will stay dry as the dessert and fashionably so!

Nature offers a glimpse of this concept through the lotus plant which appears nonchalant about water droplets which roll off its surface.

Similar to its rough texture that expels water, is the Liberté collection, inspired by the origins of nature itself to present the much-anticipated water-proof jeans.

It is the most authentic pair of jeans for those who wish to live without boundaries.

LICC 01 - WATER PROOF DENIM JEANS“No retailer in the Sri Lankan market has launched a local product as such and we at LiCC wanted to be the first to launch the water proof jeans, targeting all the bikers in Sri Lanka, to make them ride with freedom and confidence. It is not merely the bikers who will benefit from this fabulous brand but each person who has felt the discomfort of being soaked to the bone in a pair of wet jeans”, said CEO of LiCC, Mr. Yasotharan.

LiCC Liberté urges you to break free of stereotypes and spearhead new styles! Be an epitome of fashion and the movement of trendsetters through the brand which intends to create a sensation. LiCC also offers nine other segments of top-of-the-range denim jeans created to wow the varied customers of SL.

They are The Fast Lane, Rhythm and Blues, Bohemian Vibes, Dé Sarong, Blazed Blueprints, Coloré Monde, Indigo Grunge, Leather Lore and Prime Melangé. 

“We at LiCC have revolutionised the concept of jeans in Sri Lanka by revamping the styles and trends to suit the modern wearer. Our mantra is to offer chic styles incorporated with maximum comfort. Denim jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe and we specialise in offering the most varied and versatile range through our creative collection. Through this innovative brand LiCC has taken the Sri Lankan fashion industry by storm”, Yasotharan added. 

LiCC Denim Day – JEANERATION is based on the Fast and Furious series and named ‘The Fast Lane!’ Inspired by the adrenaline spark of the movie, LiCC dares you to defy the ordinary and make each day an adventure through denims.

LICC 08The White and Blue collection called ‘Rhythm and Blues’ gives you the impression of being cool and casual depicting the endless cloud-scattered morning skies adding a freshness to the wardrobe.

The Embroidery concept is all about ‘Bohemian Vibes,’ drawing inspiration from the flamboyant surroundings. This is for those with a refined taste in art and crafts, who wear their passion in the elaborate details of embroidery.

The Lungi and Sarong are endemic to Asian haute couture and the intermingling with denim gives it a western twist – Dé Sarong (Denim Sarong). This is a fusion of ethnic and contemporary attire that brings the best of both worlds with comfort and quality in style!

LICC 07The laser burned ‘Blazed Blueprints,’ is all about nouveau designs being incorporated on firm denim texture using a laser technique to create intricate patterns is a stylish display of poise.

The vibrancy of coloured jeans is clearly showcased in Coloré Monde (colourful world). Match your personality with your jeans by adding a spark of colour to your daily appearance with the vibrant colours of the Coloré Monde collection.

The tinge of acidic wash in ‘Indigo Grunge’ creates a weather-beaten look straight from the fashion pages of the 80’s! Not for the faint-hearted, this collection instigates the wearer to explore the trial of grime and endurance as it’s created for those who dare.

LICC 05The mix of leather through the faux-leather inspired denim collection presents ‘Leather Lore!’ An intricate part of our lifestyle as the most trending deluxe fabric in the fashion industry, faux leather is now available, free of animal cruelty, so you can adorn your leather desires virtuously.

LiCC pursues the fashion goals of the perennial fashion gurus through the Re- Launch of the Premium Range, aptly named Prime Melangé. Every pair of premium denim jeans is carefully designed to uphold the tradition of fashioning impeccable couture that paves the way for fresh trends.

LICC 08LiCC, The Long Island Clothing Company (Pvt) Ltd is Sri Lanka’s premier denim-ware manufacturer and offers a vast array of denim jeans through its innovative brand which caters to all segments of society. Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe and LiCC has provided the most unique look to suit one’s occasion, mood and attitude.

LiCC is part of the blue chip Hirdaramani Group, with its heritage of over 100 years. From humble beginnings in the heart of Colombo, this conglomerate has emerged as a market leader spanning a diverse range of categories encompassing the apparel, leisure, power, information technology and retail industry. At present, it has a rich heritage with over 60,000 employees spread across six countries and six industries, each adding their own thread to the company’s story. From inception, the Hirdaramani group has pioneered novel ventures with its broad vision and capability. The launch fashion show was hosted at the luxurious Hilton Residencies which is co-incidentally owned by the Hirdaramani Group. (MEDIA RELEASE).