‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat’ … a truly blissful experience !


The music from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” from last night still reverberates in my ears. It was a truly blissful experience from the moment it began at 7.35 pm on da dot.

PHOTO CREDIT – The Production

The continous explosion of colour was a visual treat … painting scene after scene in kaleidoscopic glee. The singing a treat to my ears. Mellifluous. Sonorous. Inspiring.

Here was also stagecraft at its best almost seamlessly fusing the present day into this celebrated musical. It was well woven with all strands perfectly tucked in.

PHOTO CREDIT – The Production

Devin Randeniya the young man who played Joseph was convincing. He virtually lived his role to near perfection while skilfully navigating the range of required emotions. He personified the exuberance of the character and this was tangible to the audience.

With all due respect to Joseph, it was his insufferable Brothers, in my opinion, who stole the show. They were comical and pathetic. They were idiotic and hilarious. They were stupid and burlesque-ish. And that’s why they were outstanding.

44Sanith de Silva Wijeyeratne as the Pharaoh was impressive as he redefined Egyptian Royalty in a modern day twist while Danu was just wow – butchly bomb and bombly butch. Well Danu IS Danu ! Congratulations Cast and Crew on your Sold Out performances.

You would be happy and proud to know that choristers and dramatists from Trinity College came down to the Lionel Wendt all the way from Kandy to watch you perform last night, did an about turn and went back to Kandy after the show. So much for public appreciation !!!

Thank you SPC. Merci beaucoup Jehan Bastians and Neidra Williams and all of you in the Cast and Crew. Congratulations. The music still reverberates in my ears in the morning after the night before ….. (KUMAR DE SILVA)