JAT Holdings ranked among 25 best workplaces in Sri Lanka by Great Place to Work



Distinguished honour determined by high level of employee satisfaction

Colombo. Wednesday 13 July 2016. JAT Holdings, one of the top strongest conglomerate brands in Sri Lanka today announced that it was recognised as a one of the Top 25 companies to work for in the country by the prestigious Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Institute, the global management research and advisory firm.

Receiving the award from the CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Ms. Dhara Wijayatilake (centre) are JAT’s Director of Finance Rizna Dilshard (left) and Consultant Legal/HR Chandima Ratnayake (right)

“We are humbled by this recognition of merit, and appreciate being recognised as a great place to work. It was our vision to be among the top 20 ‘Employers of Choice” in Sri Lanka. With this ranking we take this recognition to even a higher level by being among the Top 25 companies in Sri Lanka to work for,” said Aelian Gunawardene, Managing Director, JAT Holdings 

Great Place to Work®, a global research and management consultancy with expertise on workplace transformation, conducted a broad based survey of businesses in Sri Lanka with the objectives of exemplifying business models that are sustainable and those that epitomise performance based on trust.

 JAT Holdings was recognised for upholding values and inculcating elements which has given its employees a sense of appreciation, emotional satisfaction and for being company that fervently assists its staffers to attain both professional and personal feats.

“We at JAT have a burning passion for growth hence encouragement and support flow from the senior management level through the rank and file. We persuade our staff to look after themselves because we believe that a satisfied employee will have a passion to grow as an individual, which will influence their performance,” added Gunawardene.

He said that JAT Holdings participated in this survey not with the intention of taking home an award but to ascertain if its policies at the workplace were sound. Speaking on the open door policy he said that employees are cared for to the best of their ability regardless of the designations.

“Each employee is rewarded through financial incentive of a percentage of what they earn for the company which has proven to be effective,” he said. “Other facilities include vehicles, mobiles and amenities meant to serve as motivational impetus, while making improvements to the overall physical environment of the office. Our employees are given the recognition that they work for an ethically run company. And where possible, they are offered opportunities to grow within the organisation.”

JAT Holdings has a diversified workplace with a time tested system which helps employees in pursing professional and personal growth. “Our training doesn’t stop at the recruitment stage; because we believe that knowledge needs to be updated on a continual basis in sync with the rapidity of the changes in technology and environment. We also believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with one another since we are one coherent team.”