Galadari’s Rasheena rises to stardom – The “Symphony” star is born

Rasheena Begum

Rasheena Begum brought great honor not only to herself but also to the Galadari Hotel with her talented performance at the recently concluded 24th National Mixology Challenge 2016.

The young star bagged the Marie Brizard Classical Competition 2016 All-Island Award.

She will proudly represent Sri Lanka for the Marie Brizard Masters International Bartender Contest 33rd Edition to be held in Bordeaux France in November 2016.

She rose to fame with the cocktail “Symphony”.

As the name suggests “Symphony” is a typically favorable, composition of different ingredients blended to provide a well-balanced concoction of sweet, sour and spirituous flavors with just the right aromas of hazelnut and honey.

“Symphony” is best described as a unique and good choice of after-dinner cocktail.

The man behind her rise to fame and ardent guru, Clive De Costa, Restaurants Training Manager Galadari Hotel stated, “I am so proud of Rasheena, she is hardworking, dedicated and has the ability to work on time. This together with her talents paved the way for her glory. I wish her all the very best in France and sincerely hope she will do her country proud.”